Write Right NOW

Are you a badass looking to take your life and business to the next level?

Are you looking for ways to rapidly write your new future into existence?

Are you new to writing as a daily habit? 

Are you an experienced writer seeking a more intentional and transformational practice? 

Are you considering private coaching with Lauren Roberts? 

>>>> This course is for you. 

Do you want to know all of my best tips and tricks for how to write prolifically, therapeutically, meaningfully, and passionately?

Do you want to process and disappear any roadblocks that you encounter in life, powerfully and effectively? 

Do you want to know how to access your preacher mode, to share vibrantly and truly move people with your words? 

Do you want to learn to manifest your best life through the power of your word? 

>>>>>> This course is for you. 

In Write Right NOW, you will receive everything that you need to make writing a daily habit that transforms your life, your business, and your soul. 

If you are already writing daily, you will take your writing and your life to the next level.

You will get powerful resources, specific instruction, personalized support, journaling prompts, and all the tools required for overcoming resistance and other roadblocks. This course will leave you empowered in the journey to write your dreams into existence. 

You learn the specifics and details of how to write for manifestation, self-coaching, journaling, content creation, as well as both fiction and non-fiction book writing. 

We cover everything that you need to do to eradicate the fear mindset around writing, and unleash your true message. 

We will go for it. 
We will crank up the volume.
We will yell from the rooftops.
We will learn to write with passion and fire.

In this five-session course, you will discover how to reach a flow state in your writing, and how to make your writing work for you in ALL areas of your life. You will leave this course on the path to transformation in your business and life. You will be making daily progress with your writing and life goals. You will have support as well as all of the tools that you need, at your fingertips. 

Here are some teasers about each session's content: 

Session 1: Manifestøtions

  • Learn the most commonly made mistakes in manifestation. 
  • Get clarity about exactly what works for writing out your manifestations.
  • Take your manifestation skills to the next level.
  • Practice writing out flawless manifestations that will bring your new life into being with rapidity and ease.
  • Get feedback and guidance on your own manifestations and how to call your deepest desires into being.  

Session 2: Consciousness Flow

  • Discover how to turn off your analytical mind when writing, and all the myriad benefits of doing so. 
  • Learn when and how best to use a timer for your writing sessions.
  • See how to document your internal state, and learn why it's critical to do so.
  • Get practical and theoretical instruction on how to type blind, and why it can unlock a whole new world.

Session 3: Gratitude and Captain's Log

  • Learn the most critical (and frequently overlooked) aspect of your daily gratitude practice. 
  • Discover how to start every day powerfully and track your progress through your entire life. 
  • See the exact formula that I use to document and create my life. 
  • Master the perfect mix of woo-woo and practical action to live the badass life you know you were meant to be living.  

Session 4: Captain's Log, Self-Coaching, and Mentor Meditations

  • Discover how to begin and end your day intentionally. 
  • Create a system to track your life and take the daily pulse of your progress. 
  • Get clear on how to coach yourself through anything. 
  • Learn how to maximize every moment of your mentoring and coaching relationships. 

Day 5: Unleash the Preach, Sharing is Caring, and Slow Down to Go Fast

  • Step into your power around unleashing your true message on the world.
  • Gain instant access to your full preacher mode. 
  • Learn why sharing is the key to ALL OF IT in the pursuit of your best life. 
  • Discover the importance of eradicating undelivered communications from your life, and how they can impact you in unseen ways. 
  • Get clear on how to follow your triggers "all the way down" for an extraordinary life, and why triggers show you where to find the gold. 

Your life is waiting. What are you writing for? 

Write Your Life, NOW

Everything you need to establish writing as a daily habit that transforms your entire life, eliminates roadblocks and self-sabotage, creates the content you desire, and serves ALL of your goals! 

$197 USD